Focus has vast experience and capability of planimetric collection using advanced 3D technology and data acquired from sophisticated technology, we can help you with projects acquired from Aerial Photogrammetry Camera, Satellite Image and Drone.

Photogrammetry is divided in different segments:

  • Digital Elevation Modelling.
  • Planimetric Collection
  • Contour Generation
  • Digital Surface Modelling
  • 3D City Models
  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Orthophoto
We can help you to plan and developed your project.
Photogrammetry Services

Plannimetric data collection

Using photogrammetry is still the most efficient way to extract high-quality feature vectors from remotely sensed data. We at Focus pride ourselves on producing deliverables meeting our client’s expectations, and have the vast experience to deliver the vector data in virtually any format or specification desired. Our mapping processes are designed with rigorous QA/QC checks to assure completeness and accuracy.
Focus has great experience digitizing planimetric mapping data from aerial photography for use as a base layer of a GIS. Our experienced team produces accurate and aesthetically pleasing planimetric data that can meet the specifications of any project.

3D city modeling

Focus provides its global client base a range of 3D reality modeling products and services based on advanced photogrammetric techniques.
We have executed numerous projects and use the data generated to build a seamless 3D mesh model or ‘reality mesh’. Our 3D data gives you access to high resolution 3D city mesh models that provide context to your projects, help develop and visualize scenarios as well as offer a comprehensive 3D base dataset for change monitoring.





We offer you industry-leading services in orthophoto. Our orthophoto production services include Orthorectification of satellite images, aerial images and Drone images, Construction of orthophoto mosaics, Geo-referencing,Orthophoto color balancing, seam-line editing and tile cutting. We offer Orthophoto maps, True orthophoto maps and Infrared orthophoto maps (CIR). We have been adopted the best practices in production and in quality checking of Orthophotos.




Contours Generation

Depending on the required contour interval our skilled team uses efficient tools and routines to generate/Plots of contours with client specified contour intervals to produce accurate and smooth contours. Contours are among the most commonly used representations for elevations. We do Topographic Contour Mapping, Mining Contour Mapping and Structural Contour Mapping.
We carry out precise contour generation to the extreme satisfaction of our clients with high quality.



Digital Surface Model

Team Focus provides the creation of a digital surface models (DSM) based on satellite, aerial survey materials or LiDAR , followed using digital surface models for 3D modeling of cities and other terrain objects.
A digital surface model is a three-dimensional representation of the heights of the Earth’s surface, including natural or man-made objects located on it. It is widely used in navigation systems, intelligent transport systems, forecasting of urban risks, telecommunications-positioning of mobile phone transmitters and in the mapping of flood risk.

Digital Elevation Modelling

Team Focus creates high quality Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) to support specialized applications such as 3D modeling, volumetric calculations, and to represents the bare-Earth surface, removing all natural and built features this allows the generation of contour lines and terrain models. DEMs are of critical importance in areas such as land-use planning, infrastructural project management, soil science, hydrology and flow-direction studies. Across greater spatial scales, their use is key for the contouring of topographic and relief maps.


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