Our well trained operators can help you with your projects be it a Classification or Mapping project(Road and Railway), weather you require a generalised vector mapping or a detailed mapping we can do it all. Our mapping and classification team can assure you to provide accurate topographic data with elevation points, 3D Polyline, Contour as well as 2D features as per customised requirement.

  • Advanced Classification
  • Advanced 3D Mapping
  • Power Line Classification
  • Contours
  • Digital Surface Model
  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Complete topographic Mapping
We can help you to plan and developed your project.
LiDAR Services

Advanced Classification

Our team have experience and capabilities to classify LiDAR data using advance tools and can handle your advance classification projects.




Advanced 3D Mapping

Team Focus has full capabilities to handle basic mapping to advance mapping projects, team focus is capable of accurately and precisely map in 3D as per your requirement. Our experienced LiDAR team will process your surveyed point cloud into an accurate 3D data set allowing for the creation of derived products such 3D visualisations 3D Models etc.

Power Line Classification

Our well trained team has vast experience in classification so as Powerline Classification. We have dedicated LiDAR classification and Vectorization staffs as Powerline corridor mapping is widely accepted as compared to the conventional techniques.


Contours Generation

We can use High density point cloud as well to provide and create contour as per your required contour intervals. With LiDAR points we can provide Topographic Contour Mapping, Mining Contour Mapping and Structural Contour Mapping.

Digital Surface Model

Our team can deliver you a Digital Surface model for you to use it for 3D Visualisation, flood mapping, landscape modelling, city models, drainage modelling, land-use studies and other applications.


Digital Elevation Model

We can provide DEM for representing the ground or the bare earth, volumetric calculations, removing all natural and built features this allows the generation of contour lines and terrain models.


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